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Craft and nurture a soulful American travel brand built upon telling true stories of place.

Founded in 2012, Wildsam is an American travel brand built upon telling true stories of place. Their fresh, soulful writing from award-winning writers, chefs, and cultural experts has received praise from The New York Times, National Geographic, and Vogue.  

We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with them since their founding on an array of projects — from brand identity and strategy to illustrations, design for their growing collection of travel guides, print and digital campaigns.

To reflect Wildsam’s continued growth, we took a strategic look at how the brand lives in both print and digital spaces. We evolved the brand design and created a digital assets guide for their internal team to implement the evolved design across all platforms.  

The brand design reflects the brand’s bold, modern spirit. The wordmark’s iconic sans serif feel rooted and contemporary. The logomark combines the “W” from Wildsam and a compass needle, nodding to the brand’s role as a guide for those seeking more soulful exploration.

A Road Trip icon represents the open road and the nostalgic feeling of road tripping, and the brand’s mission to immerse people in the sights, stories, and soul of a place.

The design intent for Wildsam’s growing collection of travel guides — from cities and pursuits to National Parks and more — aims to capture a reader’s curiosity, create a flexible, cohesive, unique system for each series, and stay true to the tenants of the Wildsam brand.

The National Parks series celebrates four iconic parks. Bespoke colorways identify and brand each park. Abstract illustrations of iconic landscapes use gradients from each park’s color palette to create depth and dimension and serve as intriguing, iconic cover art for each guide.

Print and digital materials for a diverse mix of campaigns promote special events, collaborations, and connect Wildsam with a growing network of retailers, national and international brands, and travel enthusiasts seeking the real, rooted, and the authentic.