Old Barnwell


Create the brand design, story, and strategy for a new golf course on a mission to create a new golf tradition, culture, and legacy that belongs to everyone.

  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Media
  • Illustration
  • Merchandise
  • Print
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Nestled on 575 acres of sandy soil and rolling hills surrounded by towering longleaf and loblolly pines, Old Barnwell is a private national club of three eclectic courses, practice facilities, clubhouse, and lodging near historic Aiken, South Carolina.

In conversation with Old Barnwell’s founder Nick Schreiber, we learned not just about his lifelong passion for golf and the relationships and opportunities it nurtured, but also his vision for a different kind of golf club — one that was more inclusive and welcoming, in design and process, to those traditionally underrepresented in the sport.

That notion of care and camaraderie became the brand’s guiding light, inspiring everything we touched — from design and story to strategy. 

Kind Words

The visual identity that SDCO Partners created for us at Old Barnwell helped us build an immediate relationship with our members and with our guests. But it was the narrative and storytelling aspect that helped us establish a sense of self internally, one that has since served as our North Star in everything from our hiring to our offerings and everything in between.

Old Barnwell Nick Schreiber

Brand design for Old Barnwell celebrates all that’s exciting, affirming, and joyous about golf — and reflects the brand’s playful, inviting spirit.

The wordmark is both classic and contemporary. 

An intuitive website employs subtle animation, property photography, and the fresh brand design to invite users to learn more about the courses under construction, mission-based programming, and the dynamic team dedicated to creating a new golf tradition, culture, and legacy that belongs to all.

The barn owl perched on a golf tee logomark nods to both the property’s name and the rural setting. A seal conveys camaraderie and a sense of community. 

Kind Words

SDCO distilled who we are and who we want to be in a way we never could have done on our own.

Old Barnwell Nick Schreiber

A fresh, contemporary palette of greens and hues of navy playfully nod to tradition. The tagline, “for all who love it,” dons an array of merchandise — from scorecards, balls, and tees to clothing, hats, and tote bags.

Old Barnwell is already garnering praise within the golf community — and nurturing the next generation of players through its Ambassador Program, Young Caddie, Program, Apprenticeships, and Kids Clinics.