West Tenth


Reimagine the identity, story, and experience for a marketplace powered by collective ingenuity.

  • Animation
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Media
  • Illustration
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Social Media
  • Social Media Direction
  • Web Design
  • Website Consultation

West Tenth is a marketplace for local experts, original ideas, people-powered ingenuity, handmade things, and deep connections.

Founders, entrepreneurs, and friends Lyn and Sara approached us at an inflection point. As they set bold goals for growth, they wanted to ensure their identity, story, and experience reflected the depth and breadth of the locally-made products and services the platform offers, the flourishing network of bakers and party planners, organizers, artists, and entrepreneurs bringing them to life, and the shoppers with a passion for all things local.

In discussions, we talked about their goals, opportunities, and their growing network of local home-based microbusinesses — and the shoppers who want so much to put their money where their hearts are.

We developed a strategic position that celebrated the magic of the brand: the independent expertise of a growing community, things made by hand, and customization as a means of connection. Beautiful things bloomed from there.

A collection of graphic elements and branded doodles add flavor, texture, and a sense of playfulness that allows the brand to share distinct parts of its personality across myriad mediums. Most importantly, the brand is intentionally designed to grow, evolve, and scale as West Tenth does.

Hues of forest, linen, chartreuse, lavender, pale indigo, burgundy create a modern, vibrant palette that reflects the brand’s energy, creates visual hierarchy and emphasis, and translates seamlessly across locations and platforms.

Clear, engaging copy speaks to the brand’s purpose and the unique needs of current and prospective producers and shoppers. And, like any brand with purpose, it invites conversation and connection.

From strategy to visual and verbal language to activation, we provided the West Tenth team the tools they need to connect and inspire across every channel — and, to be a home for creativity, ingenuity, and collective prosperity.

The fresh brand identity comes vividly to life on the redesigned website, where shoppers can quickly and easily find the products and services they’re searching for — and current and prospective producers can access the resources, support, and information they need to grow and truly prosper.