Reveal and refine the purpose, design, and story for a collective of changemakers.

CDM (Change Develop Move) inspires, empowers, and activates change for people, non-profits, and companies.

In an increasingly complex and competitive world, the CDM team employs an array of services and disciplines — from leadership development and non-profit fundraising to high-impact conferences — to help people and organizations tap into their own inherent intelligence, strengths, and knowing and put it to work to create metamorphic change.

In conversations with CDM’s founders — and their new partner — we quickly learned the company was experiencing its own internal evolution and exponential growth, in some ways, doing the very work they do with clients, for themselves.

Kind Words

From brilliant and profound writing that not only resonated but also conjured the emotions I envisioned to the incredible design that was intentional, innovative, sophisticated, and fun brought the story of who we are today and how we hope every organization experiences working with CDM to life.

Tucker Branham, President and CEO

Radical and metamorphic change became the platform from which the design, story, website, and materials came to life.

CDM’s visual language was intentionally designed as a kinetic system — with original, dynamic shapes and configurations.

Shapes from the logotype and dynamic arrows add a sense of movement and playfulness, seamlessly layering with bold typography.

The identity, which shifts to reflect the needs of the design, platform, or medium, remains cohesive and compelling, and nods to the company’s ability to meet clients exactly where they are — creating strategies, solutions, and activations designed for their unique needs, missions, and goals.