Marc & Rose


Build the strategy, story, and design for a family-owned company practicing genuine hospitality since 1962.

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Positioning
  • Consultation
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Media
  • Illustration
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Print
  • Social Media
  • Website Consultation

Marc + Rose is an eclectic collection of iconic resorts and hidden gems — each a tribute to place-based discovery, sensuality, and improvisation.

Born of an irreverent spirit and a passion for hard work, their collection makes its home across the American West, embodying the sounds, smells, and colors of iconic landscapes.

In conversation and creative collaboration with the Marc + Rose team, we were invited into the astonishing history, lore, mythology, personal photography and home videos of the family that built the company — and the real life love story and passion for family, friends, entertainment, and adventure of its founders.

Kind Words

Great design, good organization, enjoyable working relationship.

Marc & Rose John Grossman, Chief Executive Officer

The brand identity reflects the brand’s audacious, passionate, and magical spirit. The logotype’s typography is simultaneously iconic, nostalgic, and modern. The ampersand mark derived from the logotype reflects the brand’s collaborative spirit and devotion to the collective. 

While “Marc + Rose” are embellished versions of the real life founders, their belief in opening doors for travelers; about cheering, “the more the merrier!” as a party of two becomes twenty; about food first and questions later; about sharing stories around a fire and making friends among strangers, inspires the kind of hospitality that emerges at the intersection of empathy, aesthetics, and atmosphere. An instrument of connection and care; a practice.

The brand design, like the family and team that inspired it, makes an indelible mark in the hearts, minds, and memories of all it touches — from expressive touch points, inviting and interestingly layered print materials to presentations and social media. A company that understands hospitality is an essential part of being human and also a calling — a creative pursuit, a lifelong practice in curiosity and care. 

A collection of silhouetted, hand rendered illustrations, inspired by the brand story, are designed to be storytelling devices for both print and digital materials and can be added to over time, like new characters in an ever unfolding story.

A robust, delightfully collaborative copywriting exercise produced everything from strategic positioning and values to onboarding materials, ad copy, and quirky riffs.

The rose mark is inspired by the brand’s namesake and represents the beauty of nature, a passion for wild landscapes, and the careful tending of people and place.