Pappy & Company


Help the great granddaughters of a bourbon legend create a bourbon-inspired lifestyle brand worthy of their family legacy and aimed at the next generation.

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Pappy Van Winkle’s three great granddaughters each set out on their own paths, but something about the family business kept calling as demand for their great granddaddy’s bourbon grew.

Their venture, Pappy & Co., is a modern, storied, lifestyle brand that celebrates the Pappy Van Winkle heritage and legacy with a collection of fine bourbon-inspired products. The brand design is inspired by the five keys Pappy hung on his distillery door to represent the five steps in bourbon making and his famous label, Old Fitzgerald, which he deemed, “your key to hospitality.”

Kind Words

“Love the organized, structured way of working with Stitch that is simultaneously calm and relaxed. The efficient, open communication makes for a very streamlined creative process between Stitch and the client. We always enjoy working with all of you!”

Carrie Greener, Founder

The logotype and letterforms evoke the simple, historically rooted character of bourbon labels from the family’s archival collection. The three keys mark represents the three founders / granddaughters and pays homage to Pappy’s five keys to bourbon making. The center key subtly includes the initials “VW,” for Van Winkle.

The color palette tells the story of a clean, modern company with a legacy of quality craftsmanship and hospitality.

Custom package design, bespoke butcher paper, package tape, and stickers for an array of products — from bourbon balls, cocktail mixers, and coffee to nib brittle and pepper sauce — create an authentic, beautiful, cohesive, and unforgettable brand experience. 

A family of graphic elements and patterns adds visual interest and flexibility to the brand application and roots the design in its unique place — Kentucky bourbon country.