Oyster Co.

March 2018

Onliest: a colloquial term native to eastern Virginia used as the emphatic form of “only” meaning that someone or something is truly the only example of its kind.

Classic typography and a collection of hand drawn illustrations pair to create a carefully considered brand aesthetic. This approach is reflective of the level of care and detail that is put into every Onliest oyster. Each oyster is handled by an individual grower or small crew at least half a dozen times before it reaches a plate.

Onliest oysters represent the watermen who grow them and the waterways in which they thrive. Every oyster is hand-selected by a farmer who takes pride in his product.

Packed fresh and shipped anywhere in the US, Onliest oysters deliver taste, history and a true sense of place. We designed the shipping packaging using branded touch points at every turn to help visually tell the story of Onliest.

Featuring farmers like Emory Lewis and telling their story through video on the website, creates an impactful connection to the Oysters and the Virginia waterways.

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