Dive In

Underwater Photography

May 2018

Dive In begun in 2015 as a self-imposed creative challenge to photographer Leigh Webber looking for a new way to flex her skills.

“Dive In is an invitation to the viewer, and a command. It’s a mantra to remember to take risks, to go deep and get beneath the surface. It is a summons to seek uncertainty, possibility and to find the silver linings in the chaos.” - Leigh Webber

A visual language was created for the brand identity using basic shapes to represent water, sun, swim, pool, and dive in.

Translucent material was used for the business cards to mimic the liquidity of water.

"...when photographing underwater, there is a loss of control- over your environment, your subjects, your camera. Communication is difficult and nothing stays still. As a result, I had to learn to trust the process, to let go, to allow serendipity to come into play." - Leigh Webber

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