California Made

May 2018

As wellness advocates and purveyors of locally sourced, authentic ingredients, Brightland is out to remake the American olive oil industry by crafting the highest quality, custom-blended extra virgin olive oil that's audaciously nourishing for your body, heart and soul.

The Brightland identity is inspired by the shapes of an olive and the audacious flavors of the oils. The abstract shapes and vivid colors help bring this to life and are used throughout the print materials, website design and packaging.

Awake and Alive, Brightland's two custom blends, are packaged in a minimalist powder-coated bottle.

Nearly 80% of the olive oil that Americans consume is already rancid or rotten or does not meet the grades for extra virgin olive oil. Brightland is different. Hand-source olives from California growers are crafted into custom-blended oils. The sole ingredient comes from trees so consumers can rest assured that it’s good for you. It’s never seen a lab.

A series of supporting icons were created for the web to help educate users on the health benefits of Brightland's oils.

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